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Distracted driving in Chicago can kill

With the warmer months of the year here, it is important for all Chicagoland drivers to remember that this means an uptick in the number of people moving about in the city. Not only will there more vehicles on the roads to visit the city's amazing attractions from the beaches to the summer night concerts, there will also be more pedestrians and bicyclists.

For anyone who has ever driven here, you know that the roads are often packed with tight traffic. Taking your eyes off the roads for even a second could lead to a fatal error. Whether you are heading out on Lower Wacker Drive, Lake Shore Drive, or the expressway, you need to focus on driving.

The many forms of distractions

Distractions come in all forms. Activities that are commonly done in vehicles, such as changing a radio station or setting the GPS, can take a driver's attention off the road long enough to cause an accident. Other possible distractions include putting on makeup, eating and using a cellphone. In fact, using cellphones is one of the biggest distractions that can impact drivers. It is estimated that using a phone can take your attention off the road for around 27 seconds. This is a long time when you are driving so you have to make sure that you don't allow this to happen.

Different systems impacted

There are different systems of the body that can be impacted by distractions while you drive. Your hands might be affected if you are reaching for an item in the car. Your mind might not process information if you are focused on something other than driving. Even things like thinking about a problem at home can cause issues. Taking your eyes off the road is another issue since you need to see what is going on around you. Just looking at the billboards that dot the scenery while you drive can lead to issues with distraction.

It doesn't take long

You don't have to be distracted for a long time to be involved in a crash. If your vehicle is traveling at 55 miles per hour, you will move the length of a football field in only five seconds. You can imagine how much can happen in this amount of time.

Unfortunately, there isn't a way to predict which drivers are going to pay attention to the road when they drive. If you are the victim of a distracted driving accident, get the medical care you need and then explore your options.

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