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Drivers can focus better with these tips on driving safely

Distracted driving is a major problem among people today. The kinds of things that distract people have changed over time, but they've started to grow in number. Take, for example, cellphones. Initially, they only distracted individuals through sound and talk. Today, cellphones are smarter. They cause visual, physical and cognitive distractions.

Visual, physical and cognitive distractions combined make a driver dangerous. For instance, if someone is texting, he or she is physically removing his or her hands from the wheel, looking away from the road and thinking about something other than driving. That combination can be deadly.

Drivers can stop dangerous behaviors

It's fortunate that drivers have the ability to stop participating in dangerous behaviors. By stopping dangerous acts behind the wheel, they can prevent serious injuries and deaths in crashes.

How can they pay better attention?

Paying attention begins with not being bored. People tend to use cellphones or to get distracted on long drives or when they don't think that driving requires their full attention. Drivers with long drives ahead of them should stay hydrated to remain focused. They should silence their phones and ask passengers to sit quietly or calmly throughout the drive.

It's actually good for drivers to laugh during the drive, so long as the reason for doing so isn't taking their eyes off the road or hands off the wheel. Talking or laughing with a passenger could help you stay focused. Another option is to listen to something funny on the radio.

Finally, consider getting more rest. If you feel distracted or drowsy, it could be a result of a lack of sleep. Concentration requires you to be well-rested, so make sure you get enough shut eye before you drive.

Drivers must pay attention to avoid crashes. Do your part, and hopefully, others will, too.

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