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Seeking Damages For Your Serious And Catastrophic Injuries

A request for damages must be substantiated in any personal injury case. Yet if you have suffered serious or catastrophic injuries, however, there are special considerations.

Serious and catastrophic injury claims are often more complex. Your injuries may include brain and spinal cord damage, partial paralysis or reduced mobility, chronic pain, traumatic brain injuries, back injuries, and other conditions. Even after completing your medical treatment, you may be left with reduced earning capacity, long-term care needs, permanent disabilities or injuries, and/or chronic pain and suffering.

Assessing The Extent Of Your Damages

At Eckert Law Group, LLC, we help you obtain the compensation you need to cope with serious and catastrophic injuries. We utilize relationships with a variety of professionals to assess the damages you should seek in a personal injury lawsuit. We might utilize a vocational rehabilitation specialist to establish your reduced earning potential. We might consult with an economist about the cost of your lifestyle, long-term care, and other needs. We also recommend consulting with us before accepting a premature settlement offer from the defendant's insurance company. Sometimes, a structured settlement may best suit your needs, where payments are made over a long period of time.

Providing Immediate Relief

If you are concerned about litigation because of mounting medical bills, Eckert Law Group, LLC, may suggest several strategies. We may suggest letters of abeyance, informing creditors of your pending lawsuit. We also have a network of medical professionals who work on a lien basis. When you come to us for help, we want you to leave all the legal details to us. You need focus only on your health.

Negotiating For Your Best Outcome

We are open to alternative resolutions of your claim. After 20 years in personal injury law, we have credibility with insurance adjusters. That may facilitate working out a reasonable settlement without having to file a lawsuit. If litigation is needed, however, you can be confident in knowing that Eckert Law Group, LLC, will provide aggressive advocacy, fighting to maximize your compensation.

Take The First Step Toward Obtaining Compensation For Your Injuries

If you have suffered serious or catastrophic injuries, contact us online or call 312-789-4810 for a free initial consultation. Find out today how our experienced legal advocacy can help you.

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